Capture a priceless moment in time!

Precious Printsto Treasure Forever!


Our Clay Imprints will give you a beautiful impression of your child's hands & feet with each line & crease captured in the clay. Their hands & feet are placed to leave an impression directly into the clay. The clay is then hand painted, glazed & fired in the kiln producing a pot ceramic piece that will last forever.

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A new baby, toddler, infant , teen or even adults hand can be made into a silver charm. The handprint is taken & reduced according to the size of charm you require. Any age also for fingerprints
a perfect keepsake !

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Pottery ceramics range from Mugs, Frames, Plaques, Trinket Boxes, Clocks to Tiles. Hands and feet are painted & printed directly onto each piece of pottery glazed and fired in kilns to keep those precious prints forever!

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We are proud to represent the finest products and QUALITY in Silver Keepsakes, Clay imprints and ceramic designs.

Twinkles is a family run business established by Nancy Walsh in 2006. Our main business is putting babies and children's handprints and footprints onto a wide range of ceramic pottery items, these including mugs, photo frames, trinket pots, plates etc.

Clay imprints are another very popular item, starting with a lump of clay & ending up with a personalised bespoke imprint of your children's hands and feet. The soft clay defines each and every line and crease for you to keep forever. Our products are perfect and unique and make excellent keepsakes and special gifts.

We regularly visit several Boots stores, Nursery's and Garden Centres. We can also visit you at home. Please visit our events diary for forthcoming dates if you would like to come and see us.

Wherever we are, your child will be able to have their hands and feet painted onto your chosen piece of pottery. We will then take it away and hand paint your personalised message, glaze & fire each piece in our kiln to produce a unique piece of pottery.

Your pot will have been printed on by your little treasure, designed by you, hand painted, and finished & fired by us!

All our materials and products are lead free, non-toxic and are dishwasher & microwave safe.

Twinkles can be regularly found at Boots and other Retail Outlets to see our products and have something made just for you. We also frequently visit Private Venues including Day Nurseries and Play Centres.

If you like something you see but don't want it straight away, you can always buy our Gift Vouchers to use at a later time or give them to your friends or family for a special occasion. You can also purchase vouchers to add together for a larger purchase later.

We are always looking for new venue's to host our services. If you would like us to visit your business as an attraction for your customers, please contact us.

Why Choose Us

We value each & everyone of our customers which is why we see so many families year after year with their new additions.
We take pride in not only taking prints but ensuring that you receive your product as you have designed paying attention to every minor detail.
Read " The Twinkles Story " & you will all understand why each & every piece I make is close to my heart.
Our products are perfect and unique and make excellent keepsakes and special gifts.