In Loving Memory


Please accept my deepest sympathy if you are reading this following the loss of a loved one. There are lots of options so that you can have the most precious prints close to your heart and we can deal with these orders urgently on request.

Print kits can be sent out to any location to obtain prints which can then be turned into silver.

If you have precious prints taken at hospital, we can use those and just ask that you e-mail them to us at

Depending on location we can visit funeral homes & organise taking prints..

If a print isn't an option we have taken impressions from photographs of hands/feet where they are clearly visible.

If you would like your hand with your loved ones this can be done not only in silver but also the actual sized prints mounted & framed forever.

As you may be aware I lost my Son (Joe) in 2006 ( aged 15months) & I have taken impressions from hand & footprints we did on plates etc. If you see me at events I wear a large necklace with Joe's handprint on along with my 2 children Lilly & Freddy. I feel very blessed to be able to have all my 3 children together- so more than most – "I understand"

My Grandad (aged 88) also passed away in October 2013 and his handprint I also wear.

So no matter what age, how, when & why we can make the most precious print you will ever have into silver.

" Remembering forever & holding their hand for a lifetime".

Nancy x